Building management system integrated with IoT solutions

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Building management system integrated with IoT solutions

By EC3 | Aug 07, 2021

The new happening in the building sector is about smart, sustainable and efficient building environments. Traditional Building Management System (BMS), enabled create a connected environment between devices in building for better facility management and efficiency. However, in the modern era, the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing Building Management System (BMS) to enhance further control with a host of new sensors and actuators deployable within a building, to deliver greater levels of detail and control. Let’s discover the add-ins that IoT brings to BMS towards more intelligent buildings.

Deploying IoT-based solutions to building management systems 

Traditional BMS deficiency has been providing an unconnected between devices BMS and wired connection. IoT upgrade the proposition of BMS towards wireless connectivity with precise details as a more connected environment within a building to deliver new functions and integrated further possibilities in the system.

From occupancy, air quality, humidity, lighting, and many more sensors can all provide new levels of environmental control in BMS when IoT is added. With the possibilities of controlling more facility management and devices in a building enables greater control as well as more efficiency and value proposals for commercial buildings, houses, apartments and other building spaces.

How IoT makes things better for BMS 

  • Faster recovery for investment with cost savings

when there is a higher level of efficiency within a building environment in terms of energy savings, lower labour costs, better device maintenance, long term usage and control of devices, the owner of the building has the possibility to recover the investment cost faster. Unnecessary maintenance cost can be avoided and the perfect utility of energy will reflect on your bills to reach an upper level of efficiency.

  • User-friendly 

The technology involved in IoT is wireless as well as user-friendly with better system interaction. Users can easily adapt to the system platform without the need of expertisation. Therefore with the ability to better understand the system enables better control and more reliability. This also eliminates huge training cost and time savings to adapt to the system.

  • Extended connection possibilities

IoT enables BMS seamless connect to different devices irrespective of manufacturing brand. Thus as and when as you bring in new devices in a building it can be connected with your BMS. The design friendly aspect is a game-changing technology that enlarges the possibilities for users.

  • Remote access options

If you are away from your building and want to remotely control over certain devices, IoT-based BMS makes it possible for you. Connected with mobile devices, you can get full control of your devices remotely ensuring the full functioning of your building and safety as well.

  • Energy savings translated cost savings

With the possibility of optimizing fan control, temperature control, sunlight control and much more possibilities, everything is controlled perfectly to create an energy-saving environment. As per the building requirement and environment, IoT based sensors adapt itself to create the perfect environment of the building by optimising energy usage.

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