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In today’s world, the green agenda has become essential to achieve long term growth in the built environment. Unfortunately, all too often opportunities are missed due to a lack of performance and accountability.

We, at Anglo African, seek to overcome this shortfall through our startups S.ALT and EC3. S.ALT focuses on establishing the sustainability targets and defining sustainable measures, EC3 offers performance assurance by monitoring the building actual against its targeted performance.

Enterprise Command and Control Center

We are a team of Electrical, Mechanical and Software Engineers with a set mission of automating Energy/Water Life Cycle Management using Technology.

Our team has developed the first Made in Mauritius commercially Live platform geared for automating Energy and Water Life Cycle Management. By leveraging on novel techniques like Machine Learning and IIOT (Industrial Internet Of Things), we have been able to automate the data collection and mining. The platform is offered as a managed service, including data collection, data mining, abnormal consumption alerts, billing, LEEDS-ready dashboards and more. Our clients have the peace of mind, optimal energy/water consumption, automated billing and Green report compliant with international framework.

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Sustainable ALTernative Consultancy

We are sustainable design consultants for the Built Environment. We believe in practical sustainability - one which delivers buildings that perform.

Our team of engineers work with the project teams to provide a holistic design approach to meet our clients' goals for sustainability. We look at both the environmental aspects (energy, water and waste) and the wider sustainability criteria (comfort, air quality, access to transport). For this purpose, we use the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a green building rating tool used globally, to identify and design practical green strategies for our projects.


Our RiskTech Solution covers digital automated Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), Due Diligence & AML Screening and Transaction Monitoring using Automation, Business Process Automation, Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the ever-increasing issues and challenges within the Compliance ecosystem, detection, prevention of fraud and compliance violations remains high on the agenda of operators and regulators.

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