Capitals and SDGs Mix

Capitals Mix

Intellectual & Digital Capital is our most important capital as we build our own platforms and hence develop our own IP. This allows us to remain competitive and is in line with our long-term value creation. Technological Capital is also important for us as the NanoB&K business model is based on a SaaS model, therefore dependent upon the number of connected clients and end users. Financial Capital also ranks high in view of the considerable investments required.

Sustainable Development Goals Mix

SDG 1 - "No Poverty" - NanoB&K will continue to support NGOs working with orphans or disadvantaged children around the country, while we plan to launch the first Digital Licensed Financial Inclusion Platform in Mauritius.

SDG 5 - "Gender Equality" - NanoB&K will continue to adopt and strengthen its recruitment and training policy for the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women at all levels and consolidate equal pay for equal work.

SDG 9 - "Innovation and Infrastructure" - NanoBNK will continue to optimise their cost-effective solutions to assist companies in upgrading their technological capabilities in all countries where they operate.

SDG 10 - "Reduced Inequalities" - NanoB&K will continue to research other promising digital alternatives that can help dramatically reduce the costs and time to transfer funds across borders, and to shortly provide Nano loans to the Mauritian community at the base of the pyramid.

SDG 17 - "Partnership for the Goals" - NanoB&K will expand its geographic footprint and contribute to enhance North-South, South-South and regional and international cooperation on and access to technology, innovation and knowledge sharing.


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