Our Target was to ensure that the growth of NANO was not hindered by the prevailing pandemic conditions while keeping the team focused on our mid to long-term objectives with respect to Technology Roadmap & Innovations, while also ensuring continuous Client Support. This has allowed to gain significant ground on our implementation plan.

"It has been a challenging year, whereby we have had to maintain our unconditional support on our Live Platforms in Mauritius, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Congo DRC, Guinea Konakry and Liberia, while also ensuring that we continue enhancing our Product Roadmap through Innovations. With the wider adoption of Digital Platforms and upcoming changes in the Regulatory landscape, we invested heavily into our Intellectual & Digital Capital and Technology Capital to remain ahead of the curve."

About NanoB&K

NanoB&K is the FinTech arm of Anglo African and was setup in 2017 with the aim of solving the Financial Exclusion problem on the African Continent. We specialize, through our various subsidiaries, in developing and operating solutions for the Financial Services Industry, which are Faster, Safer, and Cheaper.

Our solutions Portfolio includes: Digital Banking, Digital Wallet, Digital Payment, Digital Lending, Digital Onboarding, Fully Automated KYC/AML/Compliance Monitoring, Dynamic Scoring and Robotics Process Automation.

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Our FinTech solutions covers Digital Banking, Agency Banking, Digital Payment, Digital Lending, Digital Onboarding with a strong focus on Back-office Automations through Leading Open Source Technologies, RPA and Machine Learning. With Live Platforms in 6 Countries over Africa, we are the only Mauritian FinTech that has a strong and proven track record in successfully developing and exporting our own IP platforms.


Our RiskTech Solution covers digital automated Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), Due Diligence & AML Screening and Transaction Monitoring using Automation, Business Process Automation, Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With the ever-increasing issues and challenges within the Compliance ecosystem, detection, prevention of fraud and compliance violations remains high on the agenda of operators and regulators. Our Solution works towards strengthening adherence to Legal and Regulatory Framework, setting up a comprehensive risk based supervision framework and enhancing national, regional and international cooperation while eliminating manual processes.

Capitals and SDGs Mix

Intellectual & Digital Capital is our most important capital as we build our own platforms and hence develop our own IP. This allows us to remain competitive and is in line with our long-term value creation. Technological Capital is also important for us as...


We delivered a number of digital transformation projects and continue to make inroads in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that were embraced and successfully deployed by our customers operating notably in the Banking Industry. Revenue from these services increased by 10% in FY 2021 compared with FY 2020 and total expenses decreased by approximately 23% compared with FY 2020. NanoB&K achieved a better performance in FY 2021 compared with FY 2020, while we plan to launch the first Digital Licensed Financial Inclusion Platform in Mauritius.

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