Our Presence

1 Head Office [Trianon, MAURITIUS]
Our head office is based in Mauritius where we continue to generate over 80% of our revenue and profits. It is also our tax residence which allows us to benefit from double taxation and investment protection agreements that Mauritius has signed with a number of African countries where we operate.
2 Regional Office [Lusaka, ZAMBIA]
We have invested substantial financial and human capital in our Zambian subsidiary during the last 4 years and we believe that it will be the next area of growth for us, especially for our Information Technology company. We also expect our Zambian operations to catalyse our Revenue and Profit diversification.
3 Regional Office [DJIBOUTI]
We continue to develop our business in Djibouti and neighbouring countries such as Somalia which is at the beginning of its reconstruction phase. In addition, with the strategic location of Djibouti as the Port of Ethiopia, this puts us in a unique position when demand picks up in the medium-term.
4 Development Office [Bengaluru, INDIA]
In order to achieve our Technology Roadmap Development Plan with specific focus on Intellectual and Human Capital, we have launched our development office in Bengaluru. This continues to provide us capability development and readiness for regions where specialised expertise is scarce and expensive.