BIM and Data Management

BIM is transforming design processes by using a range of software to provide a single source of information about a project. It also helps produce cost savings and enhances collaborative working. By keeping all the information in one model, the transfer of information between project partners becomes more efficient. This enables the overall design and construction process to be more accurate and consistent, with the aim of avoiding costly last-minute changes on site. Overall, a BIM approach can save time and help reduce waste and on-site work. Our investment in a central development team allows us to go beyond the norm.

Planning & Scheduling

We have the ability to link the individual 3D parts or assemblies with the project delivery timeline, including scheduling of resources and quantities, and modular prefabrication to assist tracking and project phasing. In addition to collaboration, 4D simulations function as communication tools to reveal potential restrictions. Planners and contractors can use the model on site for verification, guidance and tracking of construction activities.

Estimation & Tracking Cost

Our BIM model integrates scheduling and costing, including generation of Bills of Quantities, and derivation of productivity rates and labour costs. A major difference between the traditional approach and our model is the rate at which the project cost is updated and modified. This model is charged with forecasting/predicting the flow of finance for a project and visualising the progress they have made concerning the project. Visualisation brings about the feasibility and unmatched accuracy in any building project.

Operations & Maintenance

Adding data including details about the components manufacturer, when it was installed, the necessary maintenance that it requires and when, how to operate it at its optimal level to enhance performance or conserve energy, and its expected lifespan. With this data in hand, operators can determine the costs of those activities and create spend profiles over a built asset’s life, pre-planning maintenance activities years in advance. It helps them adopt a completely planned and proactive approach to FM and operation as opposed to a reactive one when unexpected events and costs can crop up at any moment.

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