Data Scientist

Job Objective:

We are looking for an enthusiastic and innovative candidate to join our team as Data Scientist. The qualified candidate should be able to provide key support for data integrations, collection and data science for our products, prototypes and projects.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Gain extensive first-hand experience of carrying out typical workflows of data analytics.
  • Learn about acquiring, querying and understanding the basic properties of data, analysis, how to extract insights from data and how to report the results.
  • Be able to use and understand classical and modern data-analytics techniques, statistical machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.
  • Manage analytics projects from ideation, model development, data visualization, to final delivery.
  • Use machine learning tools and statistical techniques to produce solutions to problems.
  • Be competent in computer programming in data-analytic contexts.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics with Computer Science, Business Statistics, Data Science or a closely related field.
  • Be able to think in a critical manner.
  • Be skilled in making formal and informal inferences on the basis of statistical data.
  • Be able to formulate and develop mathematical arguments in a logical manner.
  • Be able to understand, formulate and use quantitative models arising in the social sciences.
  • Be skilled in acquiring new understanding and expertise.
  • Have a broad range of knowledge useful in data-analytic contexts, including topics at an intermediate or advanced level in economics and finance.

We thank all interested candidates to send their CV/Cover letter here, however only those matching the above criteria would be taken into consideration.

Nous invitons les candidats intéressés à envoyer leur CV et lettre de motivation ici. Seuls les candidats correspondant aux critères demandés seront appelés pour un entretien.

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