Our vision is to become the preferred investor and strategic partner of choice for Fin-tech companies entering Africa by identifying, empowering and delivering disruptive and life-changing technologies.

Anglo African Enterprises

  • Founded in 2008 with headquarters in Mauritius, AAE is a highly respected Information Technology firm operating within the South African to Eastern African corridor.
  • Within their operating geographies they are the leading player in;
    • Cloud and Middleware
    • Big Data Analytics
    • Digital Transformation
    • Internet of Things
  • The industries they service are;
    • Banking
    • Telecommunications
    • Public Sector
    • Hospitality – Hotels and Restaurant
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Anglo African Ventures

  • Operates as a division within AAE.
  • Founded in 2016 as the corporate Venture Capital arm of AAE.
  • AAV has a mandate to invest in Fintech start-ups whose technology can be scaled and sold into the wider AAE client base.
  • We also look to enter strategic partnerships with Fintech start-ups whose technology can be sold into the wider AAE client base.

Directors & Advisory Board

Professor Mike Wright

Professor of Entrepreneurship
Imperial College London

Professor Mike Wright joined Imperial College Business School as Professor of Entrepreneurship in September 2011. He is Director of the Centre for Management Buy-out Research – the first organization of its kind devoted to the study of private equity and buyouts. The centre was founded in March 1986 at the Nottingham University Business School and moved to Imperial College Business School in 2011

Previously he was Professor of Financial Studies at Nottingham University Business School from 1989. He has written over 40 books and more than 300 papers in academic and professional journals on management buy-outs, venture capital, habitual entrepreneurs, academic entrepreneurs, and related topics. He served two terms as an editor of Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (1994-99), was a joint editor of the Journal of Management Studies until 2009 and is editor elect of the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. He is a member of the BVCA Research Advisory Board and he holds an honorary doctorate from the University of Ghent.

He was recently ranked #1 worldwide for publications in academic entrepreneurship.

Professor Mike Kitson

Professor of International Macroeconomics
Deputy Director, The Judge Business School Cambridge University

Michael Kitson is an Assistant Director of the Centre for Business Research (CBR), Cambridge, and is Hub Director of the UK-Innovation Research Centre. He has undertaken research for: the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS), the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC); and the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA).

Mike was Assistant Director of the National Competitiveness Network (NCN) of the Cambridge-MIT Institute (CMI) between 2000 and 2003, and Director of NCN between 2003 and 2007. CMI was a joint venture between Cambridge University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to improve competitiveness, innovation and entrepreneurship in the UK. He has provided evidence and advice to: the EU, the House of Lords enquiry into globalisation, and various regional and local governments. He is currently advising the Northern Ireland Government about its innovation policy.

Mr Joram Sengendo

CDC Group
Investment Executive, African Private Equity

Joram is a Private Equity investor within CDC Group. He has invested into and analysed multiple companies within sectors such as telecommunications, healthcare, education and real estate. He currently sits on the Board of Governors of Garden City Nairobi, East Africa’s largest mixed-use development.

Educated as an engineer and computer scientist, Joram has a passion for technology and its related businesses. He holds Electrical & Electronic Engineering degrees from Harvard University and Imperial College London, from where he graduated with a First Class Degree and a Class Prize for Academic Excellence. He is also a co-founder of a data analytics startup.

Professor Stephen Kevin Smith

Non-Executive Director

Stephen has held senior leadership roles in the NHS and academia. He was a Head of Department, Dean and CEO of various institutions including Medical Research Council, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

He was responsible for the largest merger in the NHS, the creation of the UK’s first Academic Health Science Centre in 2007. The merger brought together four London based NHS Trusts and ultimately led to the creation of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, where Stephen served for four years as the first CEO. He also retained his position as Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College, London and was responsible for facilitating the commercialisation of life sciences and healthcare.

During his career, Stephen has spun two companies out of Cambridge – Metris Therapeutics Ltd and GNI Group Ltd. GNI was established as a startup in Japan in 2001 and successfully achieved an IPO on the Tokyo Stock Exchange six years later.

Mr Sanjeev Manrakhan

Group CEO
Anglo African Enterprises

Sanjeev Manrakhan studied “Economics and Applied Business Statistics” at the University of Cape Town and specialised in Services Marketing. He received a Post Graduate Certificate in “Telecom” from Bailbrook College in Bristol, UK before completing his MBA in “Information Strategy” at EDHEC Business School in Nice, France. He was appointed Head of Marketing and International Roaming for Mauritius Telecom’s Mobile division in 1995. He was part of the consulting team of France Telecom Mexico that worked on the Strategic Marketing Plan of Telefonos de Mexico [TelMex] prior to the liberalisation of the telecom sector in 1998. Thereafter, he joined Gemalto in 2000 as Regional Director for Sub-Saharan African looking after various sectors such as telco, banking and ID, before being appointed as Senior Advisor to the President of Huawei SSA in 2008. He founded the Anglo African Group and is currently its Chief Executive Officer.

Mr Phillip Jarman

General Manager
Anglo African Ventures

Phillip spent more than seven years working for UBS Wealth Management where he helped generate and supported bespoke investment strategies for Ultra-High-Net-Worth African based Clients. His main areas of expertise are in business development, business strategy, deal generation and Venture Capital finance. His passion for Fintech and paradigm shifting business models has seen him work with a number of start-up companies including Blocks Watch (Internet of Things) and Rangewell (alternative finance aggregator). He helped established the Blockchain start-up Impala that won a number of awards including the Global Action on Poverty.

Phillip holds a BA (Joint Honours.) in History and Law from Leicester University and Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge). He holds the Graduate Diploma of Law from the University of Law (London) and is a member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (Level 4). He holds an MBA from Imperial College London, where he specialized in Private Equity & Innovation, and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accounts (CIMA).

Phillip has written the following articles;

The AAV Architecture

Internationalization Program


The AAV Ecosystem

The Network > Deal Flow

  • Early stage tech start-ups
  • Incubator & Accelerator programs
  • Strategic partnerships with start-up

Selection Criteria

  • Technology AAE can integrate
  • A minimum viable product
  • A Great Team!

The AAV Ecosystem

The Network > Deal Flow

  • Early stage tech start-ups
  • Incubator & Accelerator programs
  • Strategic partnerships with start-up

Selection Criteria

  • Technology AAE can integrate
  • A minimum viable product
  • A Great Team

Anglo African Ventures – Sourcing the start-ups

AAV, through AAE, looks to invest in and support fin-tech start-ups whose products have the potential to be sold into the wider AAE client base.

AAV will review start-ups flowing from our network on a case by case basis. We look to invest in and partner with start-ups companies who boast products and services from within the following space:
  • Information Security
  • The Blockchain
  • Cloud and Middleware
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Transformation
  • IoT
  • Mobile Banking
  • Payments
  • Insurance


The selection process ensures not only a rigorous evaluation of the business plan. Meetings and idea testing also takes place with clients from within the wider AAE commercial network. If the start-ups is selected AAV would look to discuss investment and partnership options that would suit all parties involved.


Anglo African Ventures

AAV can assist the start-up in a number of ways to ensure that the Proof of Concept is developed at an optimal speed and in conjunction with discussions with potential clients.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Office Space
  • Assistance of Developers, Designers and Analysts from within AAE
  • Financial Support

Anglo African Enterprises – Integrating the start-ups


Once it is established the start-ups offering can be commercially integrated and sold into the wider AAE client base AAE will actively support the commercial launch by providing access to:

  • The AAE client base
  • Technical support from within AAE to help the start-up achieve scale


If required there will be a hand-holding period until the start-up is fully established in terms of funding, human capital, technical support and logistics. The Business Development process will continue into the launch phase.

The start-up Business Plan is periodically reviewed to include projected sales emanating from the AAE Client base and ease of integration into the clients operational architecture. Data can be collected and analyzed on a real time basis to improve the start-ups efficiency and speed to integration.

Anglo African Enterprises

AAE will assist the start-up in a number of ways to ensure that commercial launch is successful.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Adequate Financing, both equity and debt
  • Business Development support to help segment and identify priority Client targets
  • Assistance from Developers, Designers and Analysts from within AAE
  • Sales support into the existing client base of AAE
  • Access to entrepreneurs with African experience in the technology space

Launching into Africa

From Integration to Launch

The start-ups will be able to launch their services and products into those African countries where AAE has a presence and directly into businesses where AAE has established commercial relationships.

AAE, in conjunction with AAV, will ensure that the whole African expansion is properly supported in terms of finance, human capital, technical support and logistics.

Finally, depending upon the success of the start-up during this phase, relevant discussions will be undertaken regarding the exit of the relevant stakeholders.

Enterprises & Ventures

AAE, in conjunction with AAV, will assist the start-up in a number of ways to ensure that the commercial launch is successful.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Adequate Financing, both equity and debt
  • Business Development support to help segment and identify priority Client targets
  • Assistance from Developers, Designers and Analysts from within AAE
  • Sales support into the existing client base of AAE
  • Access to entrepreneurs with African experience in the technology space

AAV – The Advantages


We combine a high quality sourcing approach with a fundamental understanding of the underlying technology behind the start-up and how they can be supported and commercially sold. The high-quality sourcing approach attempts to ensure that the very best minds, teams and ideas are sourced by AAV and, as it is a highly selective process, the resources and commercial networks of AAE are optimally distributed.

Business development and boasting an exceptional track record are huge factors for entrepreneurs. Business development gets you your first client, your next financier, potentially your future acquirer or a good investment banker for an IPO. As the parent company, AAE will ensure the business development side is taken care of during the early stages of negotiating and ultimately integrating the start-up technology into the AAE client base.

Our Family

Unsecured Mobile Micro-Loans

MUM is a project  to provide unsecured loans of up to US$3,000. The risk management will be outsourced to specialised companies in addition to internal risk profiling and scoring using the latest banking and telco based algorithms and the delivery and channel management to the mobile operators. The threshold of US$3,000 is based on point the at which these loans starts becoming profitable for the banks.

Blockchain Exchange

This is a project that makes use of the Open Ledger functionality of the Blockchain to allow government to use those for transaction of more than US$30,000. The main specificity of this Blockchain project is that it will be pegged to the local currency to ensure that in case of currency movement, the price of the real estate or other purchases is not affected.

Single Window (Trade)

In most African countries, trade facilitation processes are not in place. Therefore any goods entering the country needs to be cleared by a number of government agencies. The Single Window [Trade] allows the important to interact with all the agencies through a single platform. This platform is linked to all these government agencies and provide progress on a real time basis.

Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is becoming the last weapon that the banks are having at their disposal to fight off the market disruption that is being caused in the payment sector by the mobile operators. New models are being developed that will allow the Mobile Banking Apps to drive cash-In and Cash-out functionalities in addition to the ones that is usually present on these.


ION News was launched in January 2014 and is now the third largest online news channel in Mauritius. With the major disruption expected in the coming 12 – 18 months, we expect ION News to climb to the second online news company. Visit at Series B financing has already been secured.


Elysium Capital was set up in 2014 as a corporate finance and boutique investment banking to focus on major opportunities in the Eastern African region with focus on real-estate, technology and other sectors. Visit at

Series A financing has already been secured.

This investment has been EXITED end 2015.


AfricaMoney was launched as an online Business publication. Unfortunately, the traffic did not perform as expected and the project is soon to be terminated. There has been some interest from a stockbroking firm that is interested in the brand that they would like to use for a online trading platform.


Under Confidentiality Cover

Smart City Conférence 2017

Un concept de « ville intelligente » qui séduit de plus en plus… Il en existe plusieurs à travers le monde. Un tour du sujet et un tour du monde de ces modèles vous seront présentés par Christophe Barge.

À la tête de l’agence SmartCityGroup, qui accompagne les collectivités locales et les entreprises dans leur démarche Smartcity, Christophe Barge partagera sa conception et son expertise en la matière. Entre réalités tangibles et expérimentations, en passant par les conditions d’une bonne réalisation, la problématique du financement et les solutions, cette conférence suscitera tout l’intérêt des acteurs des mondes économique, associatif, numérique, privé et public.

Bitcoin and Blockchain for the Financial Services Industry Course

This immersive course is designed over 2 days for Executives & Professionals [Finance, Operations & treasury, Legal, Insurance, Compliance, Regulatory, Technology, etc.] wishing to understand the concepts that underpin how the world of blockchain works. From the basics of digital currencies to the most advanced concepts and applications, current regulation and compliance globally, it also provides an insight into the private and public blockchains, and where the value of each lies for the user and organisations. It discusses alternatives to the bitcoin blockchain such as Ripple and Interledger, Hyperledger, Ethereum and Distributed Ledger Technology. The course provides information on what financial institutions are currently doing with this technology and the possible use cases and case studies of this innovative technology specifically for financial institutions.

The August session is now closed, following the overwhelming registration response. You may pre-register for the upcoming session of November.

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Phillip Jarman
Phone Number: +44 (0) 7920 048574
Address: Anglo-African Ventures WeWork, Office 2075, 1 Fore St London, EC2Y 5EJ, United Kingdom.